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Your Waiting Ends Here , Male Infertility Treatment

Infertility in males is a condition in which males do not have the ability to provide sperm for fertilization. Infertility in males occurs due to the presence of abnormal, weak sperms, low numbers of sperms, short life of the sperm, low mobility of the sperm or problems in ejaculation. 

Why sperm abnormalities are caused?

Sperm abnormalities are caused due to

·         Swelling in the veins of scrotum

·         Inflammation in the testicles

·         Testicles are developed abnormally

What are the causes of male infertility?

The causes of male infertility are

·         Disorder in sperm transport

·         Pituitary or hypothalamic disorder

·         Gonad disorder

·         Various unknown causes

·         Low sperm count

·         Hormone disorder

·         Exposure to harmful chemicals and radiations

·         Genetic defects

·         History of STD

·         Urinary tract infections

·         Premature ejaculation

·         Erection dysfunctions

·         Retrograde ejaculation

How to diagnose male infertility?

Male infertility can be diagnosed by

·         Semen analysis

·         Blood test

·         A culture developed from the penis for checking infections

·         Physical examination of the scrotum, penis, and prostate

How to understand fertility chances by testing?

Semen analysis can provide much information about the infertility reasons by looking

·         Total amount of the semen

·         Sperm morphology (size and shape)

·         Sperm count

·         Sperm life spam

·         Percentage of active cells

How to treat male infertility?

Male infertility can be treated by

·         Artificial insemination

·         In-vitro fertilization

·         Medication to increase sperm production

·         Providing antibiotics to cure an infection

·         Providing hormones to balance hormones

·         Providing male fertility supplements

·         Using donor sperm

How can lower the possibility of infertility in males?

The possibility of infertility in males can be lower by

·         Avoid using  banned drugs

·         Avoid sexually transmitted diseases

·         Avoid exposure to toxic products

·         Avoid consuming alcohol

·         Wearing loose underwear

·         Adapting good personal hygiene

·         Good health practices

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